Artists and Artisans

Marietta Square Artists Market Ceramics

Calling All Artists!

All vendors must apply and be accepted by the juror committee in order to participate in this event. All pieces must be hand-crafted by the artist. Resale of wholesale (buy/sell) items is not permitted. Acceptance is based on the overall quality of products and materials used, booth appearance, and uniqueness of product. Participation may be terminated due to failure to adhere to market procedures and poor product quality. THIS IS NOT A CRAFT SHOW. Textiles including clothing, knitted pieces, cloth accessories, and other sewed items are not considered for this event. Further, bath and body products including soaps and lotions are not considered for this event. Upon acceptance into the market, you will be provided with details regarding market procedures. If you change or add products, you must approve the item prior to selling it at the market. No more than two artists may share a booth space. Each artist must apply and obtain acceptance separately. Artists will be offered a booth space for each individual market ten days prior to the event via email. Artists must pre-pay using PayPal to confirm their space within seven days Payments are non-refundable. Booth assignments and market procedures will be emailed the Thursday prior to the market.


The categories for the market are:

Painting, Drawing, and Mixed Media


Home and Garden (no crafts)

Fine Jewelry



If your product meets the criteria described, complete the on-line form. You must also email with the following.


  1. Dates you wish to participate. Failure to notify me well in advance of changes may lead to termination in your participation. DO NOT indicate that you are participating in all markets unless you truly wish to.
  2. 1 photo of your booth space.
  3. 3 photos of your product(s).
  4. Photo of military or student identification card (if applicable).
  5. The subject line must have your LAST NAME, FIRST NAME in CAPS.

Click HERE to apply.